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Revolution Associates request people not to have too much fun in Thingyan

Revolution Associates request people not to have too much fun in Thingyan

In addition to the fact that the coup military council has been carrying out military raids, arrests and killings all over the country, the gangs of Yangon city have appealed to those who are facing hardships not to have too much fun during Thingyan.


When the whole country is suffering, many homeless people are being killed unjustly, even if you are not sad, I would like to ask you not to be too happy, because it is happening in one country, I would like you to be compassionate and calm”.

The entertainment programs and events organized by the military council against the coup are usually not attended by those opposed to the coup. Residents of Yangon say that in the two years since the coup, there has not been as much activity as before.

However, the military council usually tries to attract and organize the public with market festivals and unusual entertainment events, and this year's Thingyan is set to be more crowded than previous years.

Every year, the Yangon Thingyan central pavilion was built in the city hall in the middle of Yangon city, this year it will be built in the public garden and public square, and the water sports pavilions of the military council departments are also going to be built as well.

In addition, the builders of private entertainment pavilions are organizing pavilion contracts one after the other, and most of the contracts are being avoided due to economic unaffordability and security concerns.nHowever, there are statements by the revolutionary forces that businessmen close to the military group are planning to build entertainment pavilions and have also invited local and foreign entertainment groups.

The Dark Shadow (Yangon UG) group also issued a statement saying that if these entertainment groups continue to participate in the Thingyan festival, which the Military Council tried to distract the public, they will be identified as members of the Military Council and take action.

However, during the military coup of the current military council, the people have no social, economic, People in Yangon,said that they are suffering from difficulties and depression in their roles such as education, and don't blame charity events, meditation camps, and children's water games during the festival as an outlet.

"The people also have social, economic, and educational stress given by the military council. I don't want to enjoy them too much, but I want them to be cured with charity events, religious camps, children, and water play," said a resident of Hlaing Township.


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