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Security is tight at the Kyrin Seik Gyi, where departmental offices were attacked.

Security is tight at the Kyrin Seik Gyi, where departmental offices were attacked.

Residents said that after the military council's departmental offices were attacked, the military group increased its military strength and tightened security in the town of Kyrin Seik Gyi in Karen State.

"The force is quite large, and the main departmental offices are being provided with security," he said. And the security in the city is tight. The fight has been going on since yesterday," a resident told DNA.

Locals said that in the early morning of yesterday, June 2nd, KNLA and PDF joint forces attacked the departmental offices and places where military council forces were stationed in Kyrin Seik Gyi town.

There was a fight on the side of the police station. At around 8 o'clock in the morning, they were chased by airplanes. It didn't take long, and the entrances and exits of the outskirts of the city were shot more. We don't know who shot it," said a resident.

During the firefight between the two sides, shells exploded on residential buildings in the town's neighborhood, killing some residents, including a monk, and injuring three others, according to residents.

It is reported that the houses and buildings damaged by the explosion and those who died were in Ward No. (6) and Ward No. (3) of the city.

The military group and the NUG Ministry of Defense have accused each other of killing civilians and homes during the fighting.

In a statement from the military commander, the KNLA and PDF said that civilians and homes were killed and damaged due to heavy and small arms shooting, drone bombing, and the NUG statement also stated that the military council fired heavy weapons and attacked using helicopters.

The NUG Ministry of Defense announced today that the KNLA and PDF joint forces attacked the military council's military council's Kyrin Seik Gyi Township police station, general office where soldiers were stationed, Lawaka office, communications office, tax office, and judges' offices.

During that battle, about ten soldiers and policemen were killed, about 15 were injured, and three of the joint forces were injured, and the situation is not serious, according to NUG.

The Military Council has only released the death tolls of departmental offices and civilians related to that battle and has not released the death toll of both forces yet.

After the firefights between the two sides, the Military Council arrived in the city of Kyrin Seik Gyi with a large number of forces, stationed at the security gates and interrogating the passers-by, said a resident.

"It has been strict around here since yesterday. Even today, only a few people walk on the road. We dare not go out. They said that they are checking on the road as well, so we don't dare to go out, so we aren’t sure about the situation in that office in the city," he said.

In addition to this, a shell fired by an unknown group hit a house in Ward No. 6 of the city and exploded, injuring some family members of that house yesterday night.

"We don't know if four or five people were injured. We don't know anything for sure since we are not really going out. However, we only found out this morning," he said.


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