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Singapore's Foreign Minister said that the lack of progress in the common agreement.

Singapore's Foreign Minister said that the lack of progress in the common agreement is due to the military junta.

Singapore's Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on May 9th that Singapore's Foreign Minister Dr. Vivian Balakrishnan said that the lack of progress in implementing ASEAN's common agreements is due to the Myanmar military junta.

Foreign Minister Vivian responded to a question in parliament about ASEAN's response to the Myanmar issue.

The limited progress in the implementation of the five ASEAN Common Agreements is not due to ASEAN or external partners. It is due to Myanmar's stakeholders, especially the Tatmadaw (Military Junta). We should continue to put pressure on the Tatmadaw to stop violence and fully implement the five ASEAN Common Agreements quickly."

On April 11th, the ASEAN Alternate Chairman strongly condemned the military council's airstrike on the village of Pazigyi in Kanbalu Township, and Singapore also wrote in the statement that it supports this condemnation.

Singapore has written that it condemns and cannot allow any kind of attack on civilians, and that such acts of violence are against the five ASEAN common agreements accepted by General Min Aung Hlaing himself.

Singapore also said that Indonesia, which holds the rotating chairmanship of ASEAN, is working to make an all-inclusive dialogue in contact with the relevant parties regarding the Myanmar issue, and has requested that the violence stop and humanitarian aid be provided.

At the ASEAN Summit being held in Indonesia from May 9th to 11th, there is a situation where Myanmar-related topics will be discussed mainly.

Before this meeting, Indonesia had contact with the military council, the National Unity Government (NUG), as well as neighboring Thailand, China and India.

However, in the ASEAN Summit, the Military Council was not allowed to attend and the NUG was also left out as well.

Political analysts have considered that only if ASEAN can think beyond the five common agreements can it benefit Myanmar.


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