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Some of the people fleeing the war fainted, and the deaths occurred due to dehydration at Khin Oo

In Khin Oo Township, due to rising sun temperature and the lack of easy access to drinking water, some of the soldiers fainted and even deaths due to dehydration.

Khin Oo Township News reported that due to the rising sun temperature, some of the people fleeing the war fainted, and the deaths occurred due to dehydration due to lack of easy drinking water,

“Around 20,000 local residents in about 20 villages in the southwestern part of Khin Oo have been running around for the whole day due to an army column of a hundred. There were people who fainted from sweating. They had to be given medical treatment and they suffered from thirst because water was not easily available everywhere they went. An old woman in her 80s also died of dehydration while avoiding the war," said an official from Khin Oo Township News.

On April 18th and 19th, a 100-strong terrorist military council column from Ye Oo Township marched towards Khin Oo Township.

Daw Pu Sein, 83, died when she fell off her tricycle due to the hot weather. As the temperature rises to more than 40 degrees in the upper region, the evacuees from the fire are facing a lot of difficulties.

"When I went to the war evacuation camps in the township, I heard and saw that the drinking water was not suitable, and the living conditions were the same. We cannot fully help with the living conditions, but we would like to dig small water pumps for suitable drinking water. And we would like to share and donate for food. And thus, we are urging people to participate and donate together with relief groups.


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