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Song Phway Village Hospital was bombed and three people were injured.

Song Phway Village Hospital was bombed and three people were injured.

Three people, including a nurse, were injured in an aerial attack by the Military junta on the middle of April 25th at the Song Phway Village Hospital, which was treating war victims and civilians in PhelKhone Township in Southern Shan State,

Song PhwayHospital is a hospital that only treats war victims and civilians, said the person in charge of Moe Byal People's Defense Forces.

"It's a hospital that treats war refugees and civilians only. There are no comrades. That is why the military junta is most likely to be targeting the hospital thus, targeting the civilian population. Among the three injured, a female patient was slightly injured."

He also said that the hospital building and the dispensary in Song Phway Village were damaged due to the attack by the military junta. Around that hospital, at least 300 war refugees are sheltering where the refugee camp was also attacked as well.

It is also reported that the military council dropped a 500-pound bomb with a Mi 35 fighter jet, but the bomb remained unexploded.

According to People Media, the military council's propaganda, it has been reported that an aerial attack was made on a KNPP/PDF camp stationed in Song Phway Village in the West Kayan Village Group in PhelKhone Township,

The hospital is a state-owned hospital. It is allegly reported that after the doctors and nurses on duty there were moved by the military for security reasons, the armed forces of the KNPP entered and stationed them.

There has been no official press release from the military council regarding this attack.

The Karenni Army KA's military affairs press team, Khu Nye-eel, responded that their forces are often on the move and are not stationed in places like hospitals.

Since the beginning of this year, there has been a fierce battle between the Military Council Army and the People's Defense Forces in the southern part of Shan State's Phelkhone and Moe Byal townships.

Karenni Military Information Center KnIc announced on April 25th that on April 24th, there was a fierce battle near the village of Moe Byal and Pin Laung, and some military army forces were killed, and weapons were seized.


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