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“Statement on the recent massacre of 17 people in Tatai Village perpetrated by Myanmar Military”.

“Statement on the recent massacre of 17 people in Tatai Village perpetrated by Myanmar Military”

7 March 2023

The National Unity Government of Myanmar strongly condemns crimes against humanity committed perpetrated by the Myanmar military, including the recent massacre of 17 people in Tatai Village, Sagaing Township, Sagaing Division.

We take seriously our obligation to seek justice. Relevant ministries are collecting information about all the crimes committed by the terrorist army, including mass killings, war crimes, targeted attacks, killings of civilians, looting, and destruction of people's livelihoods and property. We are collecting witness statements and material evidence.

We have submitted these to international litigation organizations and are also providing humanitarian aid to the families of victims. The Judicial branch of the National Unity Government is planning to act.

Civilians, including the elderly, women, children and the disabled have been brutally killed by the Military Junta. Therefore, we, NUG, have instructed civilians to be aware of the army’s activities and evacuate immediately as needed. We request international help in communication technology and equipment. We wish to create an early warning system to protect our people.

We further request the International Criminal Court to expand its current investigation into the situation in Bangladesh/Myanmar to cover all Myanmar territory. This would be consistent with the National Unity Government’s Article 12(3) Declaration under the Rome Statute. We request to provide further information for identifying perpetrators and call for states to strongly condemn crimes against humanity in the current UN Human Rights Council and for the adoption of an action-oriented resolution.

We urge the Independent Investigative Mechanism for Myanmar (IIMM) to identify national jurisdictions to support prosecutions under the exercise of universal jurisdiction and to expedite the preparation of case files to this end.

We ask countries and international bodies to expand sanctions against the illegal military junta and its associates. Such sanctions must include direct bans on imports of arms, munitions, dual-purpose technology, aviation fuel and other equipment used by the junta to locally manufacture war materiel.

We urge your coordination and support to the National Unity Government and its allies, with a view to ending the crimes committed by the terrorist army against Myanmar’s people. National Unity Government +2

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