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"Summary of extreme conditions in the upper region due to the cyclone Mocha"

"Summary of extreme conditions in the upper region due to the cyclone Mocha"

The statements of local residents and those who provide social assistance have been compiled on the conditions faced by the people after Cyclone Mocha attacked in the upper region of Myanmar.

Kani Township

It is said that and quote; "There are currently 2 columns entering Kani Township. We were also affected by the storm. There is still some rain. About 20 villages are still fleeing. We used to be able to cook and feed the evacuees, but now there is a storm and we can't cook and feed them anymore. Those who escaped the war had to cook and eat by themselves. In some convenient villages, donors cook food."

Yin Mabin Township

"I heard that yesterday on May 15th, a plane was shot down in Yinmabin Township. In the villages next to the Yamar River, about 9 villages were flooded. Crops and some of the household items were submerged in the flood due to the rapid rise of the rainwater due to the breach of the Yamar River dam. Currently, we need clean water and medicine. It is necessary for the re-establishment," he said.

Salingyi Township

"The houses of the citizens in Salingyi township which were burnt down, the temporary tents, were flooded. Since it is the lower part in the area, the rain water has reached below the knees. Cooking is difficult. They are distributing lunch boxes. Salingyi township's villages were flooded due to the overflowing of the Dam. The water level of the Chindwin river rose to about 9 meters yesterday. It is reported that the boats on the shore were also washed away."

Myaung Township

"Myaung experienced a lot of storms because there are 6 districts altogether in Myaung. A total of (86) villages in the town. Out of these, farmers who grow spring seeds (sesame, green beans, and mung beans for summer irrigation) in more than 30 villages in 4 districts, have had their fields flooded due to excessive rain. Some of them had to deal with the loss of beans during the harvesting process due to the arrival of the Mocha storm during the bean harvest period. As for the people who make a living by raising livestock for sustenance, cattle, sheep, many of them were killed and lost as well." said the locals.


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