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Thailand's deputy prime minister who discussed with the Myanmar military was blamed.

Thailand's deputy prime minister who discussed with the Myanmar military was blamed.

ASEAN PARLIAMENTARIANS FOR HUMAN RIGHTS (APHR) stated on June 19 that it protested the informal meeting between the Myanmar Military Council and the Deputy Prime Minister of the Thai military regime.

Military Council Foreign Minister U Than Swe and Thailand's Deputy Prime Minister Don Pramudwinai met in Pattaya for two days on June 18 and 19. APHR criticizes this discussion as an act of betrayal to the Myanmar people and ASEAN.

Malaysian MP Charles Santiago, co-chairman of the APHR group, said he was disappointed that some countries, including the Thai government, were willing to engage with the brutal Burmese coup military council.

The Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand invited ASEAN foreign ministers to attend the meeting. But Indonesia, the rotating chairman of ASEAN, Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam refused.

The APHR group said that continuing the talks despite being rejected is insulting to the people of Thailand and Burma.

This discussion was held by ASEAN members such as Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Philippines. In addition to Vietnam, special representatives of the foreign ministers of China attended, the Military Council announced.

Including the issue of five ASEAN common agreements; stability in the country. The military announced that they discussed the restoration of democracy and the next steps of the military council. The participating countries have not been announced yet.

To solve the Myanmar issue, ASEAN countries should hold formal meetings and discussions with the National Unity Government (NUG). The APHR group is urging the Burmese military to comply with ASEAN common agreements.


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