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Thanintharyi has been banned from carrying rice, so they only buy limited quantities.

Thanintharyi has been banned from carrying rice, so they only buy limited quantities.

Residents said that since the Military Council Army has blocked the transportation of rice in Thanintharyi Township, they can only buy rice in the region to a limited extent. They said that if they buy rice at one time, they will only sell a household a maximum of six bags of rice. Because it is difficult to carry rice, more than twenty villages in the Thanintharyi Township's Nyaungpin Kwin Group, Tharrabwin, and Taku can only sell rice to a limited extent. "Now we are carrying it by stealing it. Even if you have money, you can't buy it. We can't get as much as we want at the store. We have to buy a limited number of people." He said that to transport rice into the township, they are only using the route that the military council troops cannot take, and the price of rice is high.

A bag of 24 grains of Okni brand coarse rice, which the locals buy the most, costs more than seventy thousand in Myeik city, and the price goes up to more than ninety thousand in villages where it is difficult to carry. Residents said that since the middle of August, the permission to transport food has been restricted since the August from the gate where soldiers of the Military Council Infantry Battalion KhaMaYa-556, based in Zawe Ywar in Thanintharyi Township, are sitting. They said that along the road that splits off from Zawe Gate and goes to the Taku village group, the right to transport goods as well as the right of people to pass through has been banned since September 7th.

Reportedly, the rations were cut because there were revolutionary weapons groups near the villages on that road. "These villages are closed because there are many revolutionary forces. Phone lines are available sometimes. Sometimes they cut it. There are frequent fights in Thanintharyi Township."

In addition to Thanintharyi Township, villages in the eastern part of Pulaw Township and Dawei Township (locally known as the Eastern Forest) along the Dawei-Meiktila-HteeKhee route (Thailand border) have also been cut off by the Military Council from carrying fuel, including rice, and medicines.

According to the statement of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA) on October 2, there are more than eighty-two thousand (82,200) people who have fled their homes in Thanintharyi after the coup.


Donating rice to war victims in Thanintharyi Township on August 23, 2023 (Photo - Twal Lat Nyi Nyi Refugee Relief Committee)


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