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The 10th government meeting of the National Unity Government

The 10th government meeting of the National Unity Government

15 March 2023

The Acting President said that even though lives were taken by terrorist groups, the people's revolutionary spirit could not be crushed.

The 10th cabinet meeting of the National Unity Government was held at 10:00 this morning. The meeting was chaired by Acting President Duwa Lashi La Union Ministers, including Union Prime Minister Mann Win Khaing Than and Deputy Ministers attended.

At the meeting, after Acting President Duwa Lashi La gave an opening speech, the Union Prime Minister gave a speech as well.

Acting President Duwal Shila said, “In the past 2 weeks, we have all heard and witnessed the brutal killing of many innocent people by a very terrifying terrorist group. Sagaing, where they were brutally killed in Ta Tai Village and Shan State PinLaung Township, I saw the brutal mass killing of monks and people in Nam Naing Village, and I would like to express my deepest condolences to all the family members who have lost their lives. I feel the great loss and feelings of the people as well as the family. The loss of the surviving family members is also a great loss for our country. Those who gave their lives are heroes for our revolution and our country. We will always remember and honour your sacrifice. Even though your lives have been taken away by terrorist groups, we cannot suppress the revolutionary spirit of our people.''

He went on to say, 'The terrorist group seems to be expecting victory by brutally killing people. What they must know is that the entire ethnic population does not want the military group at all, as we all know. They cannot continue to rule the people with fear. This is the best time to root out the terrorist Min Aung Hlaing and the military. We will continue to fight together with the entire public force. The international and neighboring friendly countries also need to ask again to effectively help to stop the inhumane killings of the terrorist Min Aung Hlaing and the military group.

“We would like to request that the main sources of income of the military group are to be cut off and the importation of weapons and ammunitions that brutally kill the people be stopped and the importation of airplanes and aviation fuel be blocked as soon as possible in order to prevent the aerial bombings and killings.” said Acting President Duval Shila.

Union Prime Minister Mann Win Khaing Than said, "Our government, on the one hand, has to fight a revolutionary war and protect the people, while on the other hand, we have to develop regional administrative mechanisms and serve the people. There were many difficulties in terms of human resources and financial resources. We were only able to move forward well because of the strength of the people who gave us such great support to lead a government to this extent. We have been able to continue well until 2 years after the coup. The terrorist military councils, which cannot preserve the country even though they are killing and torturing in various ways, have been causing more and more suffering to the people in these months. For this reason, we must and will do our best to protect our people.

In addition, the military council, on the one hand, is preparing for the illegal fake election that they will hold, and on the other hand, they are using various psychological warfare methods to attack the revolutionary forces. People can see that they are doing more and more. Not only the revolutionary forces, but all the people know the methods used by successive dictators, so there is no need to worry, but they have to be very careful about inciting bloodshed in the guise of revolutionary forces.

So, in relation to this, as our government's PR team, in strategic communication between the revolutionary forces, We would also like to encourage our ministries to work more closely with each other. Last week, programs such as the Diplomatic Briefing organized by the Ministry of Human Rights and the PR Team in cooperation with the international community informed the international community about Myanmar's political situation. He also said that the people's consensus and the current revolutionary process will be made visible, so we should continue to make international information dissemination more effective with such programs.

“During this week, the Central Committee for Interim Local Public Administration, in addition to the regular meetings with the officials on the ground, held special meetings related to taxes and finances. Thank you for knowing that the officials are conducting the complaint resolution meetings step by step as necessary. When it comes to fiscal matters, the management part is very important. If the management is good, it will help the revolution as much as possible, and it will also benefit the people of the respective townships. However, if management at all levels of officials is misguided, unwanted problems and discord may arise during the revolution, so it is a sector that must be very careful.'' He said.

He went on to say, 'All of us are doing administrative work in order to provide good service to the people. In order to be able to provide protection, it is necessary to keep in mind that they must always act in the interest of the public. He said that if there were people who disloyalty to the revolution without considering the people, then they must take action according to the management method”.

“We are a revolutionary government, but we must try to make the management mechanism work properly and efficiently. Now, as the work of each ministry expands, there will also be financial needs. When they fill up the funds for these needs, the first priority will be urgently needed for the revolution, The second priority will need to be considered as well. I understand well that all the ministries are managing properly, but according to our One Year Plan, we are in a position where we are in a position of prioritizing and managing those that need to be prepared according to the level, so we need to encourage them to separate and manage the sectors that need more effort.'' said the Union Prime Minister.

In addition, the issue of federal democracy throughout the ages, including the Spring Revolution, The Acting President also urged them not to waste the sacrifices of the heroes who paid for human rights and equality, but to put an end and build a federal state where everyone is equal.

At the meeting, the Ministry of Education Deputy Union Minister Dr. Sai Khaing Myo Tun presented a statement regarding the illegal fake election of the terrorist war group. The International Aid Coordination Council working group made a review and presentation of work on the International Aid Coordination Council.

The Prime Minister of the Union also clarified and discussed what was presented, and after hearing the Acting President speak at the end, the meeting was adjourned.

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