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The 17th conference of the Karen National Association

The 17th conference of the Karen National Association

The 17th conference of the Karen National Union (KNU) has been held since April 24 at the Laywa headquarters.

conference will be held for 5 days, and the members of the Central Committee and the Central Executive Committee are attending in person, while the brigade representatives are attending online.

The current KNU Chairman, General Saw Mutusay and the Chief of Army Staff, General Saw Johnny, are discussing the continuation of the Ceasefire Agreement (NCA). There are also speculations that the General Secretary and the Deputy Chief may discuss the plan of attack by cooperating with the revolutionary organizations that emerged after the military dictatorship.

Due to the covid epidemic and the military dictatorship, the KNU conference could not be held in the past years.

The conference came about after Karen civil organizations raised questions about the leadership within the KNU organization and called for a conference.

At the last 16th conference, 41 members of the Central Standing Committee were elected by secret ballot, and a total of 55 members were elected and approved according to the constitution of the association, including 14 members of the Central Working Committee.

After the military coup, KNU, which has played a key role in the armed revolution, will see a path after the conference and thus, many people are watching the conference with interest.


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