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The 1st of May is the 133rd International Workers' Day

Today, the 1st of May is the 133rd International Workers' Day, participating in the online campaign movement, "Toward a living wage, good Workplace, and federal democracy." Guerrilla strike with the text "Together with the blood of the workers and celebrate victory".

Sub-sectors including Myanmar General Federation of Trade Unions FGWM, Myanmar Agriculture (MAU), Myanmar Railway Transport (MRTU) CDM unions such as Education-based (WUE), and also CDM Unions are participated.

Currently, the non-violent civil disobedience movement (CDM) workers and union leaders who opposed the military coup were arrested and tortured. Employers fired workers for no reason, cut wages, and pregnant women were denied maternity leave. Female workers are abused in the workplace, forcing salaried employees to work overtime without pay, including employing them only as day laborers; FGWM said in a statement today that they are facing forced labor.

The excessive increase in commodity prices following the military coup; FGWM said that basic workers are suffering from the impact of the general economic crisis.


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