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the 35th anniversary of the death of Ko Soe Naing and Ko Phone Maw

A message from Acting President of the National Unity Government, Duwala Shila, on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the death of Ko Soe Naing and Ko Phone Maw

2023 March 14th

Today is the 35th anniversary of the death of student martyrs Ko Phone Maw and Ko Soe Nai, who initiated the Eight-Four People's Uprising and the overthrow of the one-party hypocritical military dictatorship. On this anniversary, the National Unity Government is proud to send a message for the second time.


t has been 35 years since students Ko Phone Maw and Ko Soe Naito fell at the hands of military dictator Ne Win. The violent shooting and killing of Ko Phone Maw and Ko Soe Nai by the military dictators led to a rapid rise in the political spirit of the country's people, and by giving birth to the eight-four democratic uprising, it changed history at a turning point.

The 1988 Uprising was a major driving force for the development of a democratic system in the country, and the freedom of individuals, The right to enjoy justice and equal rights was clearly highlighted. A civilian government emerged through the democratic transition that emerged with the struggle for democracy, but the terrorist army led by military dictator Min Aung Hlain forcibly seized the power of the people. These disasters will continue as long as the military regime exists.

Currently, led by the National Unity Government, the Spring Revolution to root out the military dictatorship, it is time to continue the struggle for democracy and work hard to build a future federal democratic union in the face of the public. My National Unity Government is determined with all ethnic allies to establish a federal system with full right to self-determination and the right to create one's own destiny.

We must not forget that the people's resistance struggle is unimaginably resilient. Currently, I would like to say that I am proud to see that,just like Ko Soe Nai, Ko Phone Maw, the civil servants and students of Yangon University of Technology are standing together with the people.

Only by abolishing the military dictatorship permanently and establishing a federal democratic union that all ethnic groups long for can only be justice for all the people who gave their lives, including Ko Phone Maw and Ko Soe Nai, and they will be able to rest in peace. Therefore, I am sending this message to urge all of us together with the public to make efforts until the Spring Revolution is successful.


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