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The 78th United Nations General Assembly

The 78th United Nations General Assembly, which was attended by world leaders, high-level ministers representing leaders, and heads of global social welfare organizations, ended on September 26.

On the day of the conference, it was crowded with reporters from various countries around the world, hundreds of people dressed in colorful clothes, and the flags of all countries were flying outside the United Nations building in New York, the United States. 193 member countries attended this most important global General Assembly and more than 140 national leaders gave speeches.

Among all the meetings held by the United Nations throughout the year, this General Assembly is the most important because national leaders attend the General Debate and give general policy speeches.

General Debate is one of the most important annual meetings of the United Nations, where the leaders of the countries of the world give a 15-minute speech each to solve the problems of the world's countries, and these speeches reflect the order of emphasis in the policies of the respective countries.

This year, among the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, the United States, Great Britain, Russia, China, and French leaders, US President Joe Biden was the only person to attend and make a speech. The leaders of the remaining 4 countries did not attend, only the foreign ministers representing them attended. The Russia-Ukraine issue is a global problem, while the whole world watched the US President's policy speech, while the Russian President did not attend this conference, Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy personally attended the conference and gave a speech.

In today's situation, they also questioned whether some countries should continue to be given the power to completely block decisions, which is called the veto power. In particular, there have been criticisms about the United Nations' legislative issues, such as countries that have the right to block the introduction of new laws.


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