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The army has attacked the village of Pan Nyo, Myaung district for the third time.

The army has attacked the village of Pan Nyo, Myaung district for the third time.

According to the records of Data for Myanmar, which lists fire incidents during the conflict after the military coup, from February 1st, 2021 to the end of February this year, 47,778 public houses were destroyed by fire in Sagaing Division.

In Sagaing Division, Myaung district, the column under the 99th Division of the coup military council, which has the power to control Pan Nyo Village, has entered the village since early this morning and houses are reportedly on fire.

Pan Nyo village has been a victims village of fire once in May 2021 and another in January of this year, and 130 homes were destroyed in those two times as well. The person in charge of the Myaung District, Public Defense and Security Organization (CDSOM) said that this is the third time they have been arrested.

The column of the Military Council arrived at around 5:50 this morning. On March 19th, after leaving Myoung district to the middle of the island, he came back this morning. He said that since the military has not yet returned, the exact number of people affected by the fire and the number of people affected are still unknown.

The column that is currently on fire in the villages of Myaung district is destroying people's homes and arresting residents. People should be careful and avoid the killings in the area. A local resident also said that the nearby residents, including Pan Nyo Village, have been fleeing since the night of March 20th.


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