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The army of the military coup destroyed Sone Gone village in Butalin district, Sagaing region

The army of the military coup destroyed Sone Gone village in Budalin district, Sagaing region

About 50 troops of the army entered the village of TSone Gone village in Budalin district, Sagaing region, and a fire started on the morning of March 25 which killed two blind elderly people and a few other elderly people with poor health.

According to local residents, the column that caught fire was the 11th column that entered the town of Bu Ta Lin, and 175 homes and monasteries in the village were burned to the ground, and 21 cows were burned to death.

Those who died in the fire are Daw Tin Yi, Daw Khway,Daw Kyi Aung, Daw Myint U Japan Gyi and U Zaw Peng who are over 70 years old and in poor health. Among them are 2 blind old ladies and 2 paralyzed old ladies which have already been sent to be buried yesterday.

At present, the military council column has left for Bu Ta Lin town and there have been no clashes with the People's Defense Forces, according to local residents.

Before that, on the morning of March 24th, in Bu Ta Lin Township, About 100 military council soldiers who were stationed overnight in Zee Taw Village were attacked by the People's Defense Forces once between Kan Thit Village and Nyaung Pin Kan Village near Bu Ta Lin Village, and once near Thar Yoe Kone Village.

From the time of the coup in Butalin town to the present, the military council has set fire to more than 700 houses in 22 villages.

As of February 28th in 2023, there were 60,459 houses on fire nationwide, including 47,778 houses in Sagaing region. More than 1.7 million people have fled their homes.


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