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The army refused to leave the village and blocked the entrance roads.

Local residents said that when some of the refugees who had fled their homes due to the battle between the People's Defense Forces, MDY-PDF, and the military junta in Naung Cho town in Northern Shan State, the army returned to their village and closed the entrance and exit roads.

At present, some villages in Naung Cho town are still in battle, thus the locals have to be returning to their villages. However, most of them return to the village for a while, but the residents say that they are trapped because the army is preventing them from exiting the village. .

"Some of the residents from the NarKhar village side went back to the village but what happened now is that the army will not let them out of the village anymore. They are free to stay in the village," said a local resident.

The army did not explain why they were not allowed to leave the village, and the locals said they did not dare to ask because they were afraid.

There is no more sense of battle in that area at the moment, but they are unable to leave the village because there is a shortage of food such as rice and oil.

As a result of the battle that started earlier this month, nearly 5,000 residents from more than 20 villages have moved to Pyin Oo Lwin and other areas, including Naung Cho town. A resident of HoKho village said that although the residents of some villages have returned to their homes, most of them are still fleeing the war.

"We have not returned to the village yet. We do not dare to! They said that the villages near us have not returned yet. Some villages returned because they had to leave their cattle in the villages. They wanted to check. Some returned to the village because they were out of food”, he said.

From April 5th to April 22nd, in the border areas of Naung Cho Township and Pyin Oo Lwin Township, the National Unity Government, Ministry of Defense, The People's Defense Forces (Mandalay) and the military junta were mostly in the battle most times.

In these battles, the military junta used nearly 1,000 forces, including 7 battalions, to attack. During the 18-day battle, there were 4 major battles and 18 small ones.

MDY-PDF announced that during the battle, the military junta side lost nearly 100 people, including a battalion commander, and many were injured, while the PDF side only lost 11 people, and some were injured.

In addition, the military group carried out 33 airstrikes, and due to the deliberate use of heavy weapons, 7 civilians were killed, and houses were destroyed.

Nearby drivers also said that due to the ongoing fighting in Naung Cho town, the Mogoke-Pyin Oo Lwin road is also blocked.

"People don't usually drive on the road, Mogoke-Pyin U Lwin. If they come to Mogoke, they only go to the section of Thabeik Kyin Road. It is also because the road has too much inspection. All the packages that come on the car are inspected. "Now that the battle is going on, it's even worse. The road is closed. There's no one driver," said a driver.

Currently, no battle has occurred, but the military army has set up positions in some villages near the Mogoke-Pyin Oo Lwin road in Naung Cho town.

In addition, local people said that there are military tensions between the two sides could rise and that clashes could occur at any time as the attacks from People's Defense Forces PDF are also increasing in numbers.


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