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The ASEAN Summit without Myanmar will be held.

The ASEAN Summit without Myanmar will be held.

The ASEAN Summit and related meetings started yesterday in Indonesia, and today, according to international news, a meeting of foreign ministers began.

According to the meetings held at the 42nd ASEAN Summit held in a coastal city in eastern Indonesia, the seat of Myanmar's representative continues to be vacant.

Under the circumstances after the coup, ASEAN leaders decided to allow only non-members from Myanmar to attend ASEAN meetings.

However, before today's Foreign Ministers' meeting, the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that a representative from Myanmar who was not a political official attended the ASEAN high-level officials' meeting held yesterday.

The ASEAN diplomatic community said that the Myanmar issue should be included as a main topic in the current ASEAN summit.

During the ASEAN Summit, diplomats from Singapore and Indonesia went to meet with the refugees between Taunggyi Township and Hsihseng Township in Myanmar to avoid war, a convoy carrying officials from the ASEAN Humanitarian Assistance Coordination Center was attacked two days ago.

Although there were no casualties, there was an attack on the convoy of ASEAN diplomats, so this incident will likely be mentioned during the discussion on Myanmar during the ASEAN summit.

The day before the ASEAN summit began, the Committee Representing Pyidaungsu Hluttaw(CRPH) held a special meeting and urged the United Nations, ASEAN, and the international community to take effective action to stop the war crimes committed by the military council as soon as possible


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