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The battles are still fierce and airstrikes in Demoso

The battles are still fierce and airstrikes in Demoso

In the eastern part of Demoso, Karenni State, fighting between the military council and defense forces is intensifying, some residents said. At the same time, the military council troops attacked the villages in the area with aerial fire. He said that the bombings and airstrikes at least three times a day have forced residents to flee to safe places.

May 20th, in one day, Locals say that there was an airplane shooting and bombing, twice in the morning, and once in the afternoon.

Since the storm on May 15, there has been a fierce battle between the military council forces and the regional defense cooperation groups, and it is reported that the battle has continued fiercely for almost a week now.

The Karenni military press release said, "Between Demoso and Ngwetaung, there is Ngwetaung Dam. Next to that Ngwetaung Dam, the 102nd Battalion of the Military Council is stationed at the camp where the commander himself is stationed. From there, he controls and directs the entire Karenni state. Our groups are fighting back all the way. The battle is still fierce."


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