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The battles between the military council and the Karenni joint forces are still tense.

The battles between the military council and the Karenni joint forces are still tense between Demoso and Hpruso, who fought fiercely for more than a month.

An official of the Karenni National Defense Force (KNDF) Central News and Information said that the battle is still tense because the military council troops continue to be stationed between Demoso and Hpruso. He said, "They haven't retreated, and the military is in a tense situation.”

In August, the military council and Karenni joint forces had been fighting the whole month along the road between the towns of Demoso and Hpruso. Reportedly, around 300 military council troops who came out from Demoso on August 2, have been stationed until now in villages along the Demoso-Hpruso road such as Ngwetaungywarthit, Kadarlar, Hteethawku, Dawnyaykhu. In August, the Karenni joint forces launched a series of offensives against the military council troops stationed in those villages, causing casualties on both sides. Reportedly, since September 1, the Military Council Army has been moving from Loikaw City to Hpruso with around eighty vehicles and they have been armed, manpower, food, and attacked by Karenni forces along the way. An official from the KNDF Central News and Information Officer said, “The right side of the military council has passed through Demoso from Luikow and entered Hpruso.”

At the end of July, the cars coming in from the side of Loikaw through Pekon, and Karenni coalition forces believe that it is to supply food to military council camps in the Karenni region, including the food shortages in Bawlakhe, Hpasawng, Mese townships. According to the statements of the Karenni National Defense Force KNDF, including the battles between Demoso and Hpruso, the KNDF participated in nearly fifty battles throughout the Karenni State during August and around 110 military council’s troops are dead.

According to the KNDF, during these battles, 15 small arms and one large weapon of the military council forces were seized, three prisoners of war were captured alive, and five KNDF soldiers were killed. On September 2, Karenni forces raided two military council camps stationed three miles west of Demoso town, in Thaysule village, and Puhpar village.

In that battle, the military council suffered many casualties and the Karenni joint forces announced that they were able to seize weapons and ammunition. Reportedly, the military council is resuming its offensive to regain control of the camps that were attacked, and there is continued firing from both sides around that area.


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