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The coup military council arrested a photographer from Mandalay

The coup military council arrested a photographer from Mandalay and ordered him to exhume his body immediately.

It was near the streets of 82nd and 44th in Maha Aung Myun Township, Ko Aung Win Thut, aka Ko Aung (Song Roo Phyu), who lives near Maha Muni Pagoda North Mode, was arrested by the military group at around 6 pm on February 19. After that, three hours later, his body was asked to come to the mortuary in Mandalay Hospital.

"As far as we know, he is a chill person. He has not heard much about doing politics. We have always met at student meetings. It is very sad to hear this," said a former student of Mandalay Tekthol, who did not want to be named for security reasons.

Ko Aung Win Thut, who was beaten and killed by the military group (Ko Aung - Song Shw Pyu, video, photo), is from Mandalay University. It is reported that he is a former student of physics and likes to work in art, and often participates in events related to former students.

Voice Of Mandalay, which describes the ground conditions in Mandalay, reported that Ko Aung was arrested by a military officer who fired two shots and beat him at a Shan noodle shop.

The family still does not know clearly why the photographer was captured and killed by the military group.


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