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The Danu People’s Liberation Front (DPLF) announced that Danu youth .

On July 29th, The Danu People’s Liberation Front (DPLF) announced that Danu youth and the local People's Defense Forces had come together to form the Danu People's Liberation Front (DPLF)

DPLF aims to protect the people of Danu, build a federal democratic union, build of Danu State which guarantees democracy and human rights, and also aims to fight against chauvinism, military dictatorship, and narrow nationalism. The DPLF was formed on August 7th last year after going to the Nyi-Naung Ethnic Armed Forces to learn military training, but it was officially announced almost a year later.

According to the 2008 constitution, the Pindaya and Ywangan are designated as Danu Self-Administered Zone, but the main important authority is controlled by the Myanmar military, so they were formed to free the Danu people from oppressed lives. According to ethnicity within Shan State, not only the ``Wa'' united (UWSA), Ta’ang (TNLA), Mongla(MNDAA), Shan State Progressive Party(SSPP), the Restoration Council of Shan State(RCSS); Pa-O National Liberation Army (PNLO), but also the militia groups that have existed since the beginning, after the military coup, the Pa-O National Defense Force (PNDF) and Southern Shan State Generations have also been formed.

Danu people are mainly living in Shan State from Naung Cho, Lawksawk, Pindaya, Ywangan, Kalaw, and Taunggyi and also, they are living in Mogok, Pyin Oo Lwin, Thazi, Kyaukse, Nyaung-Shwe, Yangon and Mandalay.


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