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The military army came to attack Kyautkayate ( ကော့ကရိတ်)

the military army came to attack the city of Kautkayate ( ကော့ကရိတ် ) by airstrikes after the morning fight

A local said that the military army came and attack the city Kautkayate ( ကော့ကရိတ်) in Karen District, by airstrikes at 8am in the morning after the fight that started at that morning at 5:45 am.

"The main thing they took down was the back of the big office. They shot along the west side of the office of Khaya Ka , the front and rear sides of Pyar Pin and Kha Nan Mu. But the north side of Kautkayate was mainly shot," he said.

Another resident said that after the close combat, before the aircraft arrived, the military council's troops stationed outside the city of Kauytkayate ( ကော့ကရိတ်) were returning into the city on foot.

"The soldiers who were taken outside the city are coming back after walking all overland and have returned to Koe Sal Khun. There is a sense that about twenty to thirty soldiers take the main security," he said. This morning, when the plane came to attack, it was reported that the 97th Battalion of the Army in Kautkayate ( ကော့ကရိတ်) fired with heavy weapons.

According to reports received at 9:40 a.m., a house in Ba La Chaung, south of Korkaret (ကော့ကရိတ် ) was hit by an airstrike from the SA KA SA, and a woman over 50 years old was wounded in the head. Other incidents of civilian harm are still under investigation.

In Karen State, starting yesterday morning, the fight between the army , KNLA and the PDF joint forces started in 3 places in the cities of Kyar Inn Sate Gyi, Kyone Do and Myawati ( မြဝတီ) and this morning there was a skirmish in the vicinity of Kautkayate ( ကော့ကရိတ်) city. This morning, the KNLA on the side of the local revolutionary forces in the Korkaret and the PDF joint forces formed a new unit called Triple K LPDF which took part in the fighting as well.


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