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The military council army bombarded Mindat Township twice

The military council army bombarded Mindat Township twice

On the 28th of June, the military council bombed the west of Mindat township twice with a jet fighter plane, said Ko Yoman, an official of Mindat Township Public Administration, Chin State.

"At around 10:55 today, an airplane bombed an area of Mindat Township twice. Battles gradually started to rise in Mindat, and the young people, It's a sense of yawning where the defense forces might be. When they are hurt, it is common practice to throw large weapons at them," he said.

Today, June 28, at around 11:00 a.m., there were two aerial bombardments in the forest west of Mindat Township under the assumption that the defense forces of Mindat Township might be present, and there were no injuries or damage.

Yesterday, Mindat Township, KhaMaRa - 274 Battalion was attacked by the Chin Defense Forces of Mindat Township, but it is not yet known whether there were any casualties on either side.

In addition, after the battle, a man in his fifties was seriously injured when the battalion opened fire on the neighborhoods of Mindat City with heavy weapons.

On June 26, A clash between the Military Council Army and the Chin Defense Force (Mindat) took place near Kyaukhtu District, Shwe Aung Tha Village, Hnaung Temple located on the border between Magway Division and Chin State, and at least ten members of the Military Council side were killed, and one soldier from the Chin Defense Force was injured, but not seriously.

In that battle, the military council attacked seven times in twenty minutes at around 10:00 in the morning with two jet fighters, but the Chin Defense Force (Mindat) was not harmed.

From the side of Pakokku Township, Magway, the military council column with nine vehicles and about two hundred people started entering the Kyaukhtu area on June 20th, so on June 26th, Kyaukhtu Township, the defense forces blocked the attack near Hnaung Temple.

Today, the military council's nine-car convoy, which had stopped overnight on the road south of Lesor village, Kyaukhtu region, is heading back towards Hte Lin township, and the revolutionary forces have issued a warning to the people along the Hte Lin - Shwe Aung Tha - Kyaukhtu highway.

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