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The military council dragged more than twenty civilian cars to Chin State to fill up the army .

The military council dragged more than twenty civilian cars to Chin State to fill up the army

The Military Council has towed more than twenty civilian cars to replenish the military forces in Chin State, and a convoy of thirty cars in total left from Kale Myo towards Chintaung this morning, according to Kale Village residents.

The convoy consisted of twelve wheeled vehicles, including two armoured vehicles. A local said that there were about thirty six-wheelers and six-wheelers, and more than ten twelve-wheelers and six-wheelers were stolen from civilians by the Military Council in recent days.

It is known from the revolutionary forces that around 70 members of the Military Council went on foot to Chintaung on the morning of last March 7th, before the military council marched up to Chintaung.

The PDF-Zoland and CDF-Siyin teams have issued a statement noting that since March 7th, when the military council's infantry column started to leave, they should not travel as they might fight on Mount Chin at any time.

Currently, there are military activities along the road from Sagaing to Chin Taung, so civilian passenger cars and trucks are also suspended.

"The cars have not been going since the 7th day. Now that the line of cars has gone up again, I don't know how long I will have to wait. When I asked the bus stations, they couldn't tell me," said a tourist who was returning to Chin State from Kalmyo.

Food was also loaded on the military council train, and the number of members of the military council that went on the train is not known.

"Nowadays, they don't take a lot of cars, they only go with around six people, so that they don't get hit by landmines, so I don't think they go up with a lot of cars and a lot of force," said a member of the revolutionary forces.

Titin, Falang, Chin State and the cities like Ha Kha are bringing more food and drink products including chicken, eggs, and fish from the city of Kale. Chin Taung - If the closure of the children's road lasts for a few days, the price of goods will go up. According to Chin State residents, there may be shortages and the prices are still stable until now.


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