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The military council headquarters was attacked in Kyaikhto Town.

The military council headquarters was attacked in Kyaikhto Town ( ကျိုက်ထို)

It is reported that the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) and joint forces attacked the headquarters of the 44th Division, an infantry division headquarters of the Military Council in Kyaikhto Town, at about 10:00 a.m. today in Mon State.

The attack was claimed by the KNLA, the People's Defense Forces (PDF); The Kyaikhto Revolution Force (KRF) and ThaHtone Town’s People's Defense Revolutionary Force (TPDF) jointly attacked, TPDF announced today.

In the attack, the home of the 44th division commander and the office of the division headquarters were bombed by a drone. The KNLA and allied forces were able to withdraw unharmed, according to the statement.

On March 20th, in Mon State, It was reported that joint forces attacked the Thadadar gate, a military council gate station between Kyaikta township( ကျိုက်ထို ) and Bee inn township( ဘီးလင်း ) , twice in the morning and in the evening. That's why the TPDF has also informed the people to stay away from military compounds, troops and vehicles.


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