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The military council is on the offensive to control a strategically important road in Karenni State

The military council is on the offensive to control a strategically important road in Karenni State

Reportedly, the military council troops are taking the battlefronts from Loikaw and Bawlakhe to the eastern side of Demoso to control the strategically important Loikaw-Demoso-Bawlakhae road in Karenni State (Kayah State), so battles are taking place almost every day.

The Karenni National Defense Force KNDF's central news and information officer said that part of the road connecting Bawlakhae and PhaSong townships from Loikaw town is important to replenish food supplies, weapons, and ammunition, and the convoy is being deployed.

"The Military Council knows the importance of this section of the road. They have been trying to control it since March. The main one is the support route that sends reinforcements and food to Bawlakhe and PhaSong Townships. From the beginning, the Karenni revolutionary forces seem to have controlled it. They are trying to control it," he said.

In addition, in Demoso Township, the Karenni forces have been resisting and attacking the military council troops who marched through the SanPya (6) miles on the ridges in the village of Dawtangu and Tanelale, for 2 months.

Demoso Township's Dawngaykhu village was attacked by 3 columns from the Bawlakhe side, and clashes broke out with the Karenni forces.

However, the Karenni National Defense Force (KNDF) announced that the Karenni forces were able to cut off the military council's reinforcement column.

Along the side of Loikaw-Mobye road, the military council ambushes and outposts stationed were ambushed and the military camp near ShaTaw Township, PonChaung village was also under attack, so the military council troops were hurt. The military council is continuously pushing columns in Shataw Township to the eastern side of the Thanlwin River through the border of Shan State.

"The fighting in April, intensified battles are taking place at the border of Pekhin and Pinlaung. And also the villages of Taung Mae Thin and Salong(North), the fighting is still intense.

The situation is still tense. The situation is tense with the military council troops in the villages around Mobye. We are ambushing and carrying out sneak attacks," said KNDF's central news and information officer.

During April, about 50 battles took place in Karenni State and Southern Shan's Phekhon and Pinlaung, and about 70 members of the military junta were killed and many were injured.

In those battles, 3 members of the Karenni Joint Force were killed and 3 members of the Military junta were also captured.

During this month, the military junta forces attacked at least 108 air attacks, one civilian was killed. (5) were injured, and (1) died due to heavy weapons, (6) were injured, and one civilian was arrested and killed.

In April, more than 20 houses, 4 public hospitals and dispensaries, and 1 church were damaged.

Although the military junta troops suffered losses in the ground battles in Karenni State and southern Shan State, air raids and fighter jets were attacked using helicopters.


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