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The Military Council took the church donations and wrote racist letters in Kale.

The Military Council took the church donations and wrote racist letters in Kale .

In the north of Kale Township, in PyinTawOo Village, the military council took down four residential houses. According to local residents, they burned down a granary, took items from the village, and wrote racist messages on the walls of the building.

"They searched churches and houses in Nyaung Gone and LattPanChaung. It's not common for them to mess up all the places and then take it like this," said a local resident in the northern part of Kalay Town. The military council army took the money from the donation box that had been put in during worship sessions at Nyaung Gone village church, but the amount of money that was taken was not known.

In addition, it is said that the members of the military council killed and ate the farm animals from the village. Racist letters were written by the members of the military council army on the walls of buildings in PyinTawOo village., including threatening letters such as “stupid Chin PDF”, “we will set the fire once again”.

"We hate them more. The Chin and Burmese are fighting the revolution together. They all understand. They are the only ones using ancient strategies," said a local Chin man in the northern part of Kalay Town.

About fifty thousand people in Pyitawthar, NanChaung, TharyarGone, SaMateKwin, TingyinKhoe, KyoKyarKwin, LattpanChaung, MyoukChawTaw, Chinsu, PyinTawOo, NyaungGone, MinHlam AungYwar, KanHlaing, ShiKhinThar, Chanthargyi, YarSaGyo from the northern side of Kalay Town have been forced to flee due to the military council's action.

"Some of the scenes of fleeing the war are not good. The people who have run away from the city. The people who don't have bicycles have to carry small packages and go to the camps on foot," said a local.

A local said that the military council column not only took people's property, but also that if there was a fight, they ran to places where people were and took cover.

"If the defense forces shot at them, they would run into the village. There were people left in the village who couldn't run, and our troops were in a position where they couldn't shoot," said a local resident about the events of the past few days.

According to those who help refugees, there are tens of thousands of war refugees in the northern part of Kalay Township, and the number of war refugees is increasing.


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