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The military council troops who were attacked in Intaw are arresting.

The military council troops who were attacked in Intaw are arresting some of the locals as human shields.

The ABSDF intelligence officer responded to the media that the military council column, which killed one and wounded two others, was attacked by the Joint Student Army (ABSDF) in Intaw Township, Upper Sagaing Division, and retreated after arresting the locals and using them as human shields.

At 4:30 p.m. yesterday evening, when the military council forces were attacked in the village between Indaw Township and BanMauk Township, one sergeant-ranked member of the military council was killed, and two others were injured.

It is reported that the joint forces of the revolution went and attacked the army of the military council, which may be around seventy, and the exchange of fire between the two sides lasted for around twenty minutes.

Ko Saw added that after the attack, the military council troops arrested some villagers and retreated towards Mortak village in Indaw Township.

The Northern ABSDF reported that a Military Council support helicopter landed at the football stadium in Indaw City yesterday and dropped five officers who will replace the officers who died in the fighting.

In the past few days, there have been heavy fighting in Indaw and BanMauk townships in upper Sagaing Division, and the military council has also carried out airstrikes in both townships.

There was a fierce battle between the military council and the joint forces of the revolution in the northwest of BanMauk city near the village of Kyaunglel, and when the military council troops that were to support the battle were intercepted and attacked, there were also battles in the Mortak area of Indaw Township.

According to local news sources, the military council's side suffered casualties in those battles, and the revolutionary joint forces were able to capture the village of Kyaunglel in BanMauk Township.

On May 25th, when the fighting between the two sides was intense, the military council carried out an aerial bombardment, killing 93-year-old Daw Mi Thein and two PDF soldiers.

In addition, after the capture of Kyaunglel village, the village of Naung Kan, about 7 miles west of the village, was also bombed by the military council, killing two residents.


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