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The military council was patrolling the village of Pazigyi,

The military council was patrolling the village of Pazigyi, which had been already attacked by airstrike not long ago.

In Kanbalu Township, where more than two hundred people were killed and affected by airstrikes, residents of Pazigyi village and the surrounding area have been fleeing since the military council troops entered Pazigyi village in the early hours of this morning.

It is reported that about 200 troops from the training academy based in Thabeikkyin Township on the east side of the Irrawaddy River in Kanbalu Township crossed over to the village of Kanbalu, Malal district yesterday evening, and two and a half columns entered this morning.

One of those two columns is currently in the village of Pazigyi, said a local revolutionary force.

"Right now, a convoy has already entered Pazigyi village. One line is still following the conconvoy. They are still missing. It is also known that they came from the training unit (13)," he said.

A resident of Pazigyi village said that since the military council forces entered the village in a convoy, the people of the surrounding villages, including those who were fleeing the war around Pazigyi village, have been fleeing again.

"Their column has already reached the top of the village. Also, on the side of the strike, they (military council troops) are heavily armed. They are also armed with big weapons on the east bank of the Irrawaddy River, the east bank of Malal village and in the soccer field of the village of Sappal Nago. they came to eradicate the roots. And thus, the locals are running for safety again," the locals said.

People fleeing from the war are fleeing into the forest and orchard areas, and they are also worried that the military council forces will come to fight with planes and fire heavy weapons.

A member of the defense forces said that since the military forces entered the village in a military formation, the local defense forces did not have the balance of weapons and manpower, so it was impossible to fight back and there was no situation where the two sides could be in a fair battle.

"The current situation is how to say, there is no way we can compete with them. Currently, we only have ten regional defense groups. Not even the regiments yet. There is no position to do anything towards the military. We are just starting out on weapons and our defense groups," he said.

The Military Council reported that after the aerial attack on Pazigyi village, they are continuing to clear the area.

Nine days ago, on April 11th, the military council did an airstrike attack to Pazigyi village bombing from the air with helicopters where hundreds of people were killed in mass shootings. The National Unity Government (NUG) announced that 168 people were killed in the airstrike, 150 of whom were civilians.

Two hundred of the Local people died or are said to be missing due to the attack. After the air strike, this is the first time that the military council entered Pazigyi village today.

Due to the air attack on Pazigyi Village, about 10,000 residents of Pazigyi Village and 7 nearby villages have fled their homes and fled to safety.


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