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The Minister of Defense, NUG urged to redouble efforts to achieve the revolutionary goal.

The Minister of Defense, NUG urged to redouble efforts to achieve the revolutionary goal.

During the more than two years since the revolution against the terrorist military council, the people have participated in the revolution with zeal and effort, and the Minister of Defense urged them to redouble their efforts to achieve the revolutionary goals at the “Light for Yangon” campaign. The minister of defense said, "Moving forward, I urge you to redouble your perseverance, diligence, wisdom, and dedication to achieve your goals." Reportedly, the Ministry of Defense and EROS are preparing for the next strategic step, in this strategic plan, not only at the border, but also in the areas controlled by the enemy, such as Mandalay, Nay Pyi Taw, Bago, Yangon, and the Ayeyarwaddy regions and they are preparing to enter the battle.

U Yee Mon, the minister of defense said "One of the main things in the enemy's control area is Yangon, we already know how strategic a city Yangon is for the revolution. At the beginning of the revolution, they mainly supported the urban guerilla movement, but now the PDF battalions are preparing to fight through the urban guerillas.” Additionally, at this time, resources cannot be dispersed anymore, the time has come for them to carefully consolidate and build these resources into a vice, and then strive for the final battle.

U Yee Mon said "It is very clear that the enemy is collapsing from all sides. We see that the enemy has become quite weak in politics, international affairs, military, and finance. When the enemy is weak, we add strength and continue to pressurize them to attack. We understand that this revolution will be brought to an end sooner or later,” and he would like to inform the people of the whole country that now is the time to plan and implement the strategic offensive.


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