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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that the ASEAN Chairman and the international community.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that the ASEAN Chairman and the international community, including neighboring countries, should cooperate in providing emergency cross-border aid.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced that the international community, including the chairman of ASEAN and Myanmar's neighboring countries, must work together with the National Unity Government to provide emergency cross-border aid through the established ethnic and civil society networks.

As a statement on Cyclone MOCHA, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the National Unity Government had to state on May 30.

The countries that contributed funds enthusiastically for MOCHA Cyclone relief. The National Unity Government expressed its sincere gratitude to International and humanitarian organizations, social groups, and individual donors.

Due to the storm MOCHA, residential houses, crops, and major infrastructure were destroyed. About 1.6 million people have been affected by floods and landslides following the storm, and these conditions have worsened the suffering of the people of Burma, who are nearly 2 million people who have fled their homes due to the brutality of the terrorist military council.

The National Unity Government is making strenuous efforts in cooperation with partner ethnic groups and civil society organizations to deliver urgently needed humanitarian aid to the communities and vulnerable groups that experienced the worst impact of the storm.

It is said that it welcomes the emergency request of US$333 million from the United Nations Humanitarian Resident in Myanmar to assist.

The United Nations reports that the terrorist military council is blocking the distribution of aid and has expressed frustration that it prevented the movement of the population, including the Rohingya, to safety before the storm hit.

These actions clearly show the terrorist group's continued use of aid as a weapon for its military gains and continued oppression of the Rohingya.

The National Unity Government, The statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs also stated that for the United Nations organizations in Myanmar to reach aid to the people direct cooperation between ethnic and civil society organizations must be expanded.


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