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The National Unity Government held the 21st government meeting.

The National Unity Government held the 21st government meeting.

The Acting President said that it is considered as a political agreement that can bring together more ethnic political forces and to prepare the constitution in advance.

The 21st cabinet meeting of the National Unity Government was held at 10:00 this morning. The meeting was chaired by Acting President Duwal Sheila. Union Ministers, including Union Prime Minister Mann Win Khaing Than, Deputy Ministers attended.

At the meeting, the Union Prime Minister gave a speech after Acting President Duwal Sheila gave an opening speech.

Acting President Duwal Sheila said, 'I believe that there must be a position where the foundation of the federal democratic constitution can be established as a strong and powerful political agreement even during the period of revolution. The transitional constitution currently being prepared needs to be adapted to the interim governing councils that have emerged during the ongoing revolution. I would like to say that the state-level and local-level administrations are working in accordance with the basic principles of the federal democratic charter. If we look at the current situation, we are working together based on federal democratic principles. We are also trying to develop a practical administrative system. On the other hand, they are preparing for the transition period. I would like to say that these conditions do not develop separately. These conditions are related to each other.''

He continued, 'The drafting of the draft constitution for the transitional period is not free from the basic principles. It is especially necessary to be able to use it in the current situation. It's not possible because different people are just different. The principle and form of governance cannot be separated. I want to tell you to pay special attention to this and prepare. We, who are leading the current spring revolution politically/militarily, need to make the necessary preparations without being exempted from reality,' said Acting President Duwal Sheila.

In addition to this, special care should be taken not to deviate from the basic principles of the Federal Democratic Charter, and it is especially necessary to have a basic law that can develop a practical administrative system. In the current situation, he urged the preparation of the constitution in advance, treating it as a political pact that can bring together more ethnic political forces.

Union Prime Minister Man Win Khaing Than said, 'First of all, I am very pleased to hear encouraging news for the revolution from home and abroad during these times. The other day, the news of the surrender of arms from the army base in Mae Se Byu Har Gone is very encouraging news for our revolutionary forces. We are the People's Shelter Program Implementation Committee in 2021. Since August, they have been making efforts to reduce the number of weapons aimed at the people, and now the news that they are leaving the military council by regiment is very encouraging news for the revolution. I believe that there will be people who understand the true situation of the revolution and will face the people.''

He continued, 'We were able to hold the first meeting of the cooperation commission between the federal government and the state/federal units held last Wednesday, and we would like everyone to work together to make the preparations of the secretariat more effective and efficient. For this period, this commission is also an important commission to be able to work quickly and without political mistakes.”

At the meeting, the Ministry of Federal Affairs, The Union Minister, Dr. Lian Hmung Sakhong, held a discussion on the matter presented to record the transitional constitution amendment draft prepared by the TCPC.

After that, the meeting was adjourned after the Prime Minister of the Union reviewed and discussed what was presented.


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