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The NLD Central Committee approved the decision not to return the registration.

The NLD Central Committee approved the decision not to return the registration to the Military Council

The decision not to re-register the Military Council to the Election Commission was approved by the National League for Democracy (NLD)'s second interim regular meeting of the National League for Democracy (NLD) party held today, March 21st.

"Everything that has been done since the CWC took charge is included in the report. Uploaded for approval. All the members of the Central Committee unanimously approved it. Therefore, the issue of not registering the party In the case of cancelling the election, Also, the matter of expelling six members of the Central Committee. All approved.”

The Military Council's new political party registration law states that in order to continue as a party, it must be registered within two months, and parties that do not re-register will be dissolved.

He said that he does not recognize any actions of the military council and that the NLD party will continue as long as the people exist.

In today's meeting, he said that he was able to approve 11 decisions including the release of political prisoners, including State Counselor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, and the importance of the consensus of ethnic groups when building the future federal democratic union.

A statement from the Central Work Committee CWC stated that the meeting was attended by 40 central committee members, 13 reserved central committee members, 21 provincial executives and 16 of the Central Affairs Committees;a total of 90 people attended the meeting.

According to the NLD Human Rights Violation Document Collection Team (NLD-HRDT), in the two years since the military coup, 84 party members, including three NLD MPs, have been killed and 1,232 have been arrested.

The NLD party won 920 constituencies in the 2020 general election and received 82.4 percent of support.

But in 2021, after the army accused that there was vote fraud. Just like the coup on February 1st of 2021, they are trying to hold new elections.


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