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The northern townships of Rakhine have not received electricity until about ten days after the storm

The northern townships of Rakhine have not received electricity until about ten days after the storm

In the northern townships of Rakhine State, which was hit by the powerful Cyclone Mocha, about ten days after the storm, the electricity is still unavailable, and the residents say that they have to pay up to 1,000 Myanmar Kyat to charge their phones and light bulbs.

Many townships are still without electricity. It is said that it can take up to seven or eight more days.

Due to the Mocha storm that hit on March 14th, electricity poles in Sittwe Township have fallen down. The power lines were cut and the electricity was cut off in many places in the city of Sittwe. They even have to pay money to charge power banks and electric lights as well.

“Some also buy and use solar as well. For those who can't afford it, we gave them generators to charge lights and phones. A phone costs 1,000, a power bank costs 1,500 to 2,000, lamps cost from 500 to 1,000. They also said that when the generator is filled with fuel, it is determined by the price of fuel. It's more convenient to have electricity now than to have no electricity at all," said a resident of Sittwe.

One of the residents said that Mrauk-U Township, which is one of the townships in northern Rakhine State that was affected by the storm and has ancient pagodas, is still without electricity.

"Currently, the monks do not have electricity, nor do they have water. At the moment, people from Yangon have donated generators, but they are allowed to charge phones and generators from the monastery. They have to go to the wells to use water. Electricity poles are being repaired in the township, but I think it will take a long time for the village," said a resident from Mrauk-U.

Locals also said that due to such long power outages, it is difficult to buy electronic goods, including the electric light bulb that is used for charging. Until now, electricity has been cut in many townships in northern Rakhine State such as Sittwe, PoneNar Island, KyaukTaw, Mrauk-U, Min Pyar, Myay Pone, Pouk Taw, Ya The Taung, Bu Thee Taung and Maung Taw.

Despite all the various organizations and the township authorities working, charity groups point out that the percentage of effectiveness is still low after the strong cyclone Mocha hit Rakhine State.

Locals also said that most townships in Rakhine do not have electricity, and the prices of charcoal and other related materials have risen, making them rely more on firewood and dry branches.

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