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The NUG Ministry of Defense said that more than forty camp battles were carried...

The NUG Ministry of Defense said that more than forty camp battles were carried our within four months

The Ministry of Defense of the National Unity Government (NUG) announced on April 27th that in the nearly four months from the beginning of this year to the present, the combined forces including the PDF have been able to carry out up to 44 camp capture battles.

It was also reported that six attacks were carried out on military council air bases, nine attacks on weapons factories and 11 attacks on headquarters.

The Defense Department of the National Unity Government, which has stated that 2023 is the decisive year of the Spring Revolution, also said that this is a real battle called after proper planning and preparation.

It is also reported that the revolution is moving at a fast pace and the people are still resisting the brutality of the military dictatorship as well.

During the first four months of this year, there have been a series of attacks on military council airbases, weapons factories, and headquarters in Yangon.

However, the military council's side of the damage during these attacks is still unknown. According to reports on the ground, there were significant battles and attacks by the military council in Karen State, Karenni (Kayah) State, and Chin State.

In addition, there were similar situations in Sagaing and Magway regions. On the other hand, the military junta is continuously raiding and burning areas bordering Sagaing, Magway, and Mandalay regions, and revolutionary forces are still being captured and killed in the meantime.

At the moment, the warring factions are in battle in the areas of Sal Lin Gyi, Shwe Bo, Khin Oo, Wet Lek and Kanbalu.


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