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The NUG statement stated that efforts to fight for justice and human rights can be made futile.

The National Unity Government has expressed its disappointment after hearing that the Thai government will invite a terrorist military group to an informal meeting on the Myanmar issue.

An informal discussion on the Myanmar issue will be held in Thailand on June 18th and 19th, and the National Unity Government is very disappointed to hear that the foreign minister of the Myanmar terrorist military group is planning to be invited.

Inviting the terrorist military group to that discussion will not solve the political problems of Myanmar, and the democracy of the people of Myanmar will not be resolved. The NUG statement stated that efforts to fight for justice and human rights can be made futile and make problems more complicated.

In addition, NUG said that only with the participation of all individuals and an organization that can represent the wishes and attitudes of the entire Burmese ethnic population on the political problem of Myanmar can a solution be found.

This invitation is a recognition and support for the terrorist military group that is oppressing the people of Myanmar using the most brutal methods daily.

This act is a flagrant violation of ASEAN principles and an unacceptable act of interfering in Myanmar's internal affairs and is viewed by the entire people of Myanmar.

Therefore, the NUG stated that it opposes the invitation to the talks with the terrorist military group.

As the current Minister of Foreign Affairs of Thailand, it is unreasonable, the NUG has requested that the meeting be canceled as it has not yet been finalized and that the countries that were invited to participate in the discussion should not attend the meeting.

The NUG said that they should not make things worse in Myanmar, which is already bad, and not encourage and support the terrorist warring group to continue to wage war and violence against the people.

Therefore, the current Thai government, the National Unity Government, emphasizes the wishes of the people of Burma and is making efforts to return Myanmar to the path of democracy. Interacting with all stakeholders, including ethnic revolution organizations, to ensure the security and stability of the border region. The NUG said that it strongly urges the people of the two countries to cooperate for peace and the improvement of bilateral relations.


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