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The PNLO said that the shooting of the diplomatic convoy damaged the dignity of the PAO people.

The PNLO said that the shooting of the diplomatic plane damaged the dignity of the Pao people.

The Pao National Liberation League (PNLO) announced today that the attack on the ASEAN diplomatic convoy that came to Hsi-Hseng, the southern Shan state, to provide humanitarian aid is a matter that degrades the dignity of the Pao people.

"The affected are the families fleeing the war, and the Pao men in the region are also affected," he said. According to the image, it is not a good thing that the convoy was shot at. This also affects indirectly; we condemn the person who committed (shooting) the ASEAN convoy. The organization that committed the crime must be held accountable," PNLO spokesperson Major Khun Min Them said.

There were no casualties due to such firing, but the diplomatic convoy canceled its journey and turned back, so it was not possible to meet the deserters.

On May 7th, the convoy carrying the ASEAN diplomats went from Taunggyi to meet refugees in Hsi-Hseng Township, was shot and attacked near Nan Ao village on the Hsi-Hseng-Sai Khao Road.

However, PNLO representatives were also on the plane that was shot at, and it was a PNLO-coordinated trip, so Khnukkaa, one of the PNLO leaders, told the media that there was no need for such a shooting.

The National Unity Government (NUG) said that the place where the shooting happened was not the area where the PDFs were active. Pointing out that the military council army and subordinate PNO militias are settled in the area, it is clear that it is not a case of PDFs committing crimes.

This process is due to the failure of local governance, the statement of the PNLO forces said today that it is also possible due to misunderstandings.

In addition, PNLO spokesperson Major Khun Min Them said that they know which group committed the crime based on information from residents.

"I know the details of the village around that area. The villagers know better. The villagers dare to say, I don't know if I dare not say it, some of the villagers are aware of the situation that day. They know what groups do," he said.

Despite this attack, the PNLO will not stop working with local and foreign officials to provide humanitarian aid to those fleeing the war, the PNLO statement said.

Two officials from the Singapore Embassy and Two officials from the Indonesian Embassy The ASEAN Coordination Center for Humanitarian Assistance (AHA Center) reported that a convoy of 11 vehicles containing three officials and military council staff was fired upon, and the last vehicle in the convoy was hit by a bullet and damaged.

The shooting occurred during the Sasian Summit in Indonesia, and ASEAN leaders condemned the shooting and announced that the organizations responsible for the shooting should be held accountable.


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