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The resurgent Kachin war; it has been twelve years since.

The resurgent Kachin war; it has been twelve years since.

In more than two years after the military dictatorship, people all over the country have been experiencing the effects of the war. The news of shootings, arrests and killings is still heard on a daily basis.

It has been (12) years since the Kachin people have faced and felt this situation. Today is the 12th anniversary of the Kachin War.

Six years after the military coup in 1988, in 1994, the Kachin Liberation Army (KIA) and the military at the time signed a ceasefire. This ceasefire did not last for two decades.

During the administration of President U Thein Sein, fighting started again in 2011. From then on, the Kachin war that escalated as the two armies tightened, negotiated, and fought, started to become the worst after February of 2021.

Thus, the hopes of the Kachin refugees returning to their homeland have been vague until now. The plans to lift the refugee camps, which were accelerated during the last NLD government, have started to be shrouded in uncertainty.

The All-Kachin Student Federation (AKSF) issued a statement today marking the 12th day of the Kachin war, calling on the international community to directly help the victims of the Kachin war.

In addition, they are encouraged to continue fighting together with organizations that share the same goal for the right to self-determination.

It is also reported that after the military dictatorship, people who fled the war have become more difficult to make a living and face security concerns.


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