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The risk of storms will decrease, and the monsoon will strengthen.

The risk of storms will decrease and the monsoon will strengthen

The Department of Meteorology and Hydrology of the Military Council announced yesterday on June 4th, that the possibility of a storm has decreased due to the decrease in low pressure predicted to occur in the southeast and the northern part of the Kapali Sea, Bay of Bengal in the Middle East.

Although the possibility of low pressure has decreased, It is also forecast that Myanmar will have a strong monsoon condition.

Due to the monsoon, there can be heavy rains from June 8th to 15th in NayPyiTaw, Mandalay, Bago, Yangon, Irrawaddy, Tanintharyi, Shan, Chin, Kahya, Karen. A warning is also issued that strong winds may attack.

Burma's sea can also be attacked by heavy rain and wind. There may be big waves. Therefore, local people should be prepared for heavy rains, including sea fishing. The Department of Meteorology and Hydrology has informed people to be aware of strong wind conditions


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