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The speech of the Acting President of the Government of National Unity, Duwal Shila

The speech of the Acting President of the Government of National Unity, Duwal Shila

In the past few days, I have heard through the news media that China's special representative visited and met with ethnic armed groups based in the north. My position is to abolish the dictatorship and establish a stable government. The current military regime is unable to bring stability to the country and has experienced several coups throughout history.

There is no way out or progress for the country and the people under military rule. Our current National Unity Government is made up of various ethnic groups and has the desire to expand to a more complete organisation. Only our government can guarantee the country's stability and international investment.

We also hope that the neighbouring countries will sympathise with the difficulties and challenges that the ethnic people of our country are currently experiencing due to the coup of the military group and the daily acts of terrorism.

Because of Min Aung Hlain and the military group, hundreds of thousands of people have left their homes and become war refugees. Day by day, the terrorist group is inhumanely killing innocent people and they are committing the terrorism of the group over the limit.

I think that the terrorist military group wants to control the public by suppressing it with fear. The reality is that the entire public is bitter about the brutality of the military group. To this day, all those who fought until the end without letting the military group down are still strong-willed.

As members of the cabinet of our current government, we need to continue to strengthen and increase the speed of the revolution without slowing down from the current pace. I must conclude by encouraging them to continue to try to achieve the successful results that I hope for as soon as possible.

This revolution must be and will succeed……!


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