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The terrorist army carried out an airstrike into the village of Htee Chike..

The terrorist army carried out an airstrike into the village of Htee Chike where there was no fighting, killing 6 people and 5 injured

6 people were killed when the terrorist army carried out an airstrike attack on the village of In Daung in the village of Hyochein, where there was no fighting. Tigyaing Revolution -TR reported that 5 people were injured this morning.

"Yesterday (31.3.2023) at about 4:25 p.m. in the evening (4:25 p.m.), a jet fighter that came down from Myitkyina, between Wel Gyi and In Daung villages, attacked civilians who were fleeing the war near U Laba Pagoda, killing at least 6 civilians and injuring about 5 people. "The incident was a war crime targeting civilians without fighting," the statement said.

Locals also said that there were dead and injured people, including women, who had been bombed by the terrorist military council airstrike in Indong village, Htee Chike village, in Sagaing region.

The terrorist military council unit that entered the Htee Chike village in a convoy set fire to Nyaung Pin Thar village and there was a battle with the local defence forces on the morning of March 31st.

"Yesterday, they entered Nyaung Pin Thar in the morning on the spot killing a 16-17 years old young woman. After that, there was a fire in Nyaung Pin Thar village. Between 200 and 300 houses were destroyed. I think they came down after having breakfast on the mountain in the morning. It happened in the morning, and I think they were hurt. After that, in the evening, the plane came down to Pouk kone, which had nothing to do with anything,'' a local told Public Spring News.

He said that the local people were worried because the military council army began bombing areas unrelated to the battlefield.

In addition to this, it is said that there was damage to homes in the village of Pouk Kone village by the terrorist military council airstrike bombing.

"When the airstrike fell on the hill, two houses near the school and the tin roof of the computer Cent

re were hit. From there, they headed towards Nyaung Pin Thar, and without going down to Nyaung Pin Thar village, they went to the small hut south of In Daung Village on the eastern side of Era. 3 of the people who were resting died when they hit nine people. A woman died. So overall, one female and three male were killed. Other two are seriously injured and the other three have minor injuries," said the local.

"Where there is a battle, they call for an air forces because they are in pain. Now, even though nothing happened, the airstrike happened on the side of Nyaung Pin Thar village, because now it is in an unexpected place, and now the locals are very worried. Now it's worse because people are also affected. It's just so sad for us," said the local.

The terrorist military council army also carried out an aerial bombardment in Khwar Pho village in Htan Ta Lan township of Chin State, killing at least 8 people, including 2 children and women, and injuring about 20.


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