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The UN announced that aid is still being blocked in Rakhine, which is affected by the storm.

The UN announced that aid is still being blocked in Rakhine, which is affected by the storm.

UNOCHA, the United Nations Office for Humanitarian Coordination, announced on July 19 that the military council has still blocked humanitarian assistance from international organizations in Rakhine State, where many homes were destroyed by Cyclone MOCHA.

Although regular projects by international organizations are resuming in Rakhine, they have been barred from helping the people affected by Cyclone MOCHA for more than two months.

Similarly, UNOCHA's statement also states that the need for humanitarian aid continues to arise due to the conflict in Myanmar, but the military council's restrictions hinder entry and assistance.

They also said that as the fighting continues to intensify in many states and regions, civilians have died and nearly three thousand people in the three states have been forced to flee their homes during the current reporting period.

They also said that they have requested to submit to the Military Council again to receive relief materials and transportation plans for regions that need such humanitarian aid.

According to the statistics released by the United Nations, as of July 10, 2023, there are nearly 1.9 million people who have fled their homes throughout Myanmar.

Among them, nearly 1.6 million people are those who fled their homes due to the conflict that occurred after the February 2021 coup.

In Rakhine State, the Rakhine Army (AA) announced on July 14 that a total of 290,000 houses were destroyed and more than 150,000 people were affected by the storm. Of these, 75 percent are under shelter, but the rest are still unable to get under shelter, according to AA's statement.


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