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The villages of Sin Kuu and Wett Lek Kya are being raided and at least fifty villagers.

The villages of Sin Kuu and Wett Lek Kya are being raided, and at least fifty Bom Tha Gone villagers have been arrested.

According to local news sources, the military council has patrolled the villages along the banks of the Iryyawaddy River in Sagaing Region's Wett Lek Township and Sin Kuu Township in Mandalay Region.

It is said that the military council started patrolling the villages on the banks of the Irrawaddy River in the eastern part of Wet Lek Township and the western part of Sin Kuu District on April 18th after Myanmar New Year, and and it is also said that the villagers who were trapped in the elementary school were arrested this morning when the military come raiding the village of Bom Thar Gone.

In addition, it is also reported that the military council troops are firing heavy weapons from the Sin Kuu district to Wetlet Township, targeting the villages on the west bank of the Irrawaddy River, such as Htone Bo Gone and Sha Khwl Village.

"Last night, the defense teams landed a mission and found two pyu. I bet they were not satisfied with that. It was difficult but they were also trying to fire andhead towards Htoe Bo Gone and Sha Khwl Village on the west bank of the river. It did not fall into the village but there is a lot of water falling on the island and the cliff," said the Wett Lak Ground Scout Team.

Local residents said that the condition of the people who were arrested Bon Thar village is still unknown because the military council troops are deployed in the area.Currently, the Military Council Army is based in the village of Bon Tha Gone and is said to be scouting with drones in the direction of Bae Lan.

The military council is forming a column in the eastern part of Wetlet Township, firing heavy weapons, and a column of around 50 people is still forming from Shwebo Township, west of Wetlet Township.

"There are about 50 people in the western part of Wet Lek. Thousand od People from Mugyi Thakhotaw township are still avoiding everything, because there are mobile troops, the nearby villages are no longer returning to the area, they have to live in other communities," said a Wet Lek resident.

Along the banks of the Irrawaddy River between Sagaing Division and Mandalay Division, the military council often conducts attacks, and thousands of people in the villages that area are fleeing and there is a need for food, said those helping to escape the war.

It is said that the military junta troops burned down the huts in Mugyi village in Welet township that had been rebuilt by people who fled the war just a few days ago. They also beat up an eighty-year-old man who went to sell peanuts in Mya Sein village in San Kuku township and robbed him of bags of peanuts.


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