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There are many Malaria treatments at a hospital in the Chin-liberated area.

There are many Malaria treatments at a hospital in the Chin-liberated area

A 20-bed hospital was opened somewhere in the liberated area, Chin State, and in 40 days, more than 400 patients were treated, and malaria was becoming very common among the civilians who were treated, according to the Chin National Federation.

"People have to travel from the village to the clinic from where they are. Until now, health services can only be obtained here in the city. Among them, there is not enough staff in the city. Can't provide good service. So, our people are suffering a lot. If this kind of hospital and the clinics can open, we can do minor cases and emergency cases later, so it will be more convenient for people to go to the city for treatment, so we opened them for that purpose," said Salai Van Siam, deputy director of the Chin Affairs Federation (ICA).

Most of the patients treated at Lailun Hospital in the liberated area were suffering from seasonal fever, he also said that it was the flu. Malaria, which was thought to no longer occur in the area, has become very common and is being prepared to release details.

In 2023, Lailun Hospital was built as a 20-bed hospital in a liberated area. It was opened on May 12th and until today, June 23rd, more than 420 patients were given medical treatment and health care.

In addition, two clinics, including mobile health care, have been opened to treat villages and people fleeing the war, and during the more than two years of the coup d'état, more than seven thousand patients have been treated and given health care.

The hospital covers nearly fifty villages with an average of fifty households per village and provides health services to military evacuation camps and some areas through dispensaries and mobile clinics.

There is always a doctor at the hospital. It operates with two nurses and eight part-time employees. It is said that they are trying to expand further due to insufficient buildings.

India For Mizoram refugees, nearly 5,000 refugees have been treated at Zokhawthar village in the Champhai district through clinics and mobile clinics. More than 300 patients have been treated in evacuation camps in and around Aizawl.

It is reported that most of the health workers in these hospitals and clinics are CDM health workers, and they are having difficulties because they have to survive with only a small allowance.

To have long-term sustainability for these hospitals and clinics, which have more visits for medical treatment, and To provide adequate health care, local People from abroad need to help as much as possible.

The Chin Affairs Association (ICA) not only provides health care but also education, Conducting research, and humanitarian aid.


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