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Three people were killed in an airstrike in HtanTaPin

Three people were killed in an airstrike in HtanTaPin

Bago, HtanTaPin Township, Hlelan Kuu, Tharatan , residents said that three villagers were killed in an airstrike by the military junta army on the Kwae Road and Bummati village on the evening of May 2.

22-year-old Ma Su Hlaing Aye and two family members were died.

Before the arrival of the two jet fighters of the military junta, a helicopter and patrol surveillance were carried out in the early morning of May 2.

On the evening of May 2, two jet fighters hovered near the village and dropped bombs at least four times, according to a resident who witnessed it.

As a result of the attack, the Hlelan Kuu Hospital was damage, residents said that people and homes were also affected in Bummati and Tharatan villages, but the details are not yet known due to the security situation.

According to the statement on 2023 of the National Unity Government (NUG), February 1, during the two years of the coup, there were 654 airstrikes across the country, 288 civilians were killed and 377 were injured.


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