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Tom Andrews calls for strong action against the Burmese military junta from the G7 summit.

Tom Andrews calls for strong action against the Burmese military junta from the G7 summit.

Mr. Tom Andrews, the United Nations Special Representative for Human Rights in Myanmar, has urged the leaders of the G7 industrial nations to impose strong sanctions against the Myanmar military at the G7 summit to be held in Hiroshima, Japan in mid-May.

Mr. Tom Andrews said at a press conference last Friday that after a ten-day trip to Japan, the host chairman of the G7 conference needs to lead the discussion on the Myanmar issue.

"The Japanese government has an opportunity to make Myanmar matters known to the world at the G7 summit meeting to be held in Hiroshima. I urge Japanese Prime Minister Keishida to make good use of this opportunity and join the G7 summit as an agent for Myanmar affairs.

From this conference, I urge everyone to come up with a strong message about the Myanmar issue and take action.

In the war between Russia and Ukraine, he asked the international community, including the G7 summit countries, to stand by Ukraine and help the Burmese people as well.

I urge the Japanese government to make an effort for the G7 countries to come together and impose economic sanctions on the Burmese military.

Sanctions must be imposed on the main sources of income for the Myanmar military. We need to do the same as they did in the Ukraine issue. We need to ban the purchase of expensive military weapons such as military helicopters," he said.

He also said that in this way, we will be able to force the military council that is targeting civilians. Therefore, when the world's leading countries meet, they are calling for strong measures to be taken regarding the Burmese Military.

He also said that "Burmese people always ask me why the international community does not respond to the issue of Myanmar like Ukraine. Some even point out that Burmese people are dropping bombs similar to the ones that are being dropped on the people of Ukraine. I have no answer to these questions."

During his 10-day visit to Japan, Mr. Tom Andrew met with Japanese government officials, businessmen, representatives of the National Unity Government (NUG), and Myanmar activists.

He also asked the Japanese Ministry of Defense not to continue providing military training to Burmese military officers.

"Shreds of evidence are also coming out that Burmese military officers who attended the courses provided by the Japanese Ministry of Defense are involved in mass killings and air strikes targeting civilians. Therefore, as long as the Japanese Ministry of Defense continues to train these Myanmar officers, it must be said that Japan is involved in the brutal actions of the Burmese army," he said.

Currently the time of chairmanship, Foreign ministers are discussing before the summit in Japan.

While the G7 foreign ministers were there, there were also protests on Myanmar issues in Tokyo, and yesterday, about 100 Myanmar citizens marched and protested.

The protestors shouted that “How many more Burmese people would have to die for international action to be taken?” During the second week of last April, the protesters gave a message that more than 200 people were killed by the air attack on Pazigyi village.

During his visit, Mr. Tom Andrews also focused on the death of Pazigyi residents due to the military junta’s airstrikes and pointed out that attacking civilians is a brutal act.

The Burmese military council is arresting and torturing opposition leaders and at the same time saying that they will hold a fair election, it is impossible. At a time when major parties in Myanmar politics are being dissolved, When journalists are not able to report freely and are being arrested and imprisoned. Mr. Tom Andrews said at the press conference that it is impossible to hold another election in a situation where the military cannot be criticized.

France, known as the G7 United States Great Britain Germany Japan The conference, which will be attended by the leaders of 7 countries, Italy and Canada, will be held from 19th May to 21st May.


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