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Tom Andrews said that the attack on the Kachin refugee camp was part of the military council’s

Tom Andrews said that the attack on the Kachin refugee camp was part of the military council’s operation.

Mr. Tom Andrews, the United Nations Special Representative for Human Rights in Myanmar, spoke in an exclusive interview with RFA that on the night of October 9th, the Maung Lai Hkyet village war refugee camp near Laiza, where the Kachin Liberation Organization (KIA/KIO) headquarters is located, was attacked and many people were killed and injured. Although we still need to know more information, this may be just another attack by the Myanmar army against innocent civilians.

According to reports in the media, on October 9, an attack took place in a refugee camp in Kachin State. Dozens of people lost their lives, including 11 children. Many more were injured. I'm still trying to get more information to confirm this attack, but from what I've heard, this is yet another brutal attack on innocent civilians. The incident is part of a wider operation by the Myanmar military against civilians. He said that this time, the targeted attack on a camp sheltering war refugees fleeing from military conflicts shows the brutality of the Myanmar military, which is behaving like a criminal gang.

Every time they continue to attack, they deny that they are responsible, giving various reasons is a common behavior of Myanmar military leaders. In this case, they don't take responsibility and blame others, just like they do. All I can say is that this attack happened for sure. Many innocent civilians lost their lives, and they were seriously injured. More details about this incident are yet to be known. But this incident is the same as the Myanmar military has been doing since the military coup in Myanmar. They will commit serious attacks against civilians, then they will give various excuses and deny that they are not responsible. This pattern is repeating itself. The fact that the Myanmar military continues to act in this way is like proving their guilt. He said the incident could be a war crime targeting innocent civilians.

Concerning the delay in the criticism that the United Nations' response was too slow in response to the Myanmar military's attacks and killings of the civilian population about the Myanmar issue, Tom Andrews said it’s true that the United Nations' actions are too slow. Also, if it's important, it can't be done as effectively as it should be. Additionally, there is no focus on Myanmar affairs, and there is no necessary coordination. These problems are going to be presented to everyone at the next United Nations General Assembly. The situation in Myanmar is going from bad to worse. The international community, including the United Nations, is failing to respond effectively to the Myanmar issue. He said that right now, we are only seeing the brutality of the Myanmar army and the failure of the international community.


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