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Tom Andrews urged the War Council to ban companies that provide technology.

UN Special Representative for Human Rights, Tom Andrews, urged the War Council to ban companies that provide technology.

This was presented yesterday at the 52nd UN Human Rights Council meeting held in Geneva, Switzerland.

Government and private companies sell intelligence technology to the military council; providing service. Tom Andrews, the UN Special Representative for Human Rights in Myanmar, said that the UN Human Rights Council must prohibit this kind of transfer and export.

Since the military coup in February of 2021, the military council has cut off the internet in 330 townships, of which more than 50 townships have been cut off for over a year. He said that the internet was being cut off to cover up human rights violations and crimes against humanity committed by the military.

Before the military council attacked the villages, It is also said that the internet is cut off when logging in and after logging in.

The military council entered the villages and killed them. Tom Andrews said that the destruction of property is a crime of international responsibility.

The Security Council continues to clearly condemn the actions of the Military Council, and it is essential to urgently demand that they be held accountable.

In addition to cutting off the Internet, the military council is also said to be rapidly expanding the installation of CCTV cameras equipped with face-capturing technology.


n addition to intercepting communication networks, it also tracks the phone's SIM card and the International Mobile Phone Identification Number (IMEI). Tom Andrews reported that this technology includes military and civilian applications. It has been more than two years since the military coup in Myanmar, and it is said that the military council continues to violently oppress and suppress opponents from all over the country.

Since the military coup, more than 3,000 civilians have been killed and 1.3 million displaced, and more than 16,000 political prisoners are reported to have been arrested. It also said 17.6 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance.

Beheaded, there are regular reports of mass killings of civilians, including dismemberment and torture. He said that there are also cases of sexual violence.

He said that the news that the opposition groups are violating human rights is also regrettable and that these must also be stopped.


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