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Two elderly people who fled the war died in Salingyi within four days.

Two elderly people who fled the war died in Salingyi within four days.

The Public Administration Information Officer said that in Salingyi Township, Sagaing region, two elderly people who fled the war died within just four days from June 9th to today, June 12th.

The deceased were from Salingyi Township, 55-year-old Daw Htar Htar Yee from Htan Taw Gyi village, Nyaung Pin Gyi ward and 70-year-old U Myat Maung from Latt Pa Taung ward, Shwe Lay village.

"On the day when the military council carried out an airstrike on the head of the village of Shwe Lay village, U Myat Maung died of asphyxiation while fleeing that day," said Ko Sin Nyein.

On June 9th, the Joint Regional Defense Forces attacked the police station in Nyaung Pin Gyi village, resulting in the death of at least ten members of the military council and the loss of weapons and ammunition.

After that, as reinforcements were sent by the Military Council Army, U Myat Maung, who escaped from the Northwestern Military Command's Mi35 helicopter bombardment six times, died of asphyxiation.

On the night of June 9th, when the police station was attacked, the military council column burned houses in Nyaung Pingyi village destroying roads with bulldozers. In addition to the destruction of houses, the locals also said that they were trapped by mines as well.

At present, around 4,000 local residents from villages in Salingyi such as Nyaung Pin Gyi, Hnin Taw, THein Taw, Shwe In Lay, Ywar Shay, Htan Taw, Palaong, Oo Ma, Kuu To Gone, Aung Chan Si had to flee the war.

Among those who avoided the war, it is reported that 55-year-old Daw Da Thiri from Htan Taw Gyi village died of lack of oxygen while fleeing the war on June 11th.

Currently, some villages in Salingyi township are fleeing the war and are facing difficulties with food and water, said the person in charge of youth and children's affairs.


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